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Jillian peed in the potty!

We bought her a potty a few months ago in hopes that we could start potty training and get ourselves out of Diaper Hell. At first, she didn’t even want to be in the same room as the potty, which made me wonder if I was going to have to go with her to Harvard so I could change her diapers.

Eventually, we got her to sit on it. That was huge progress, and due in no small part to Elmo, who received extremely lavish and over-the-top praise for simply sitting on the potty.

After dinner, we have been having Naked Time, wherein The Child gets naked and runs around like a crazy person for about a half-hour before bed. I have had to wipe up two oopsies in the past week, so now, during Naked Time, I try to steer her toward the potty. She’ll sit on it, and demand a book, but until today, nothing happened.

Today, as usual, we were having Naked Time. Freddie and I were sitting on the floor on the other side of the coffee table from where the potty is located. Jillian was sitting on the potty, but then she decided she was done and started running around. She kept running back to the potty and then back to us with her hand in her mouth, going “mmmm!”



Freddie said “I hope there’s nothing in there!”


I went over to investigate and sure enough, there was pee in there! My pride in her accomplishment totally cancels out any feeling of being grossed out by her maybe tasting her own pee. Sure, that’s gross. But… I’m a mom! NOTHING grosses me out anymore!

Now all we have to do is get her to realize that when she feels that urge, she needs to tell me or go over to the potty or something.

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  1. Well done Jillian! P peed in the potty 6 times in 10 minutes last night. I don’t know why, but she insists on doing one drop, flushing it, and doing the same again and again. It’s very tiring. For me. Don’t worry, she’s not potty trained or anything, for just two short hours later she did a big old puddle on the floor and didn’t even realise it. We have our work cut out for us.

    She did say, “Shall we drink it?” last night. I think given that it’s a liquid and there is a bit of a spout-like slope to the potty she equated it with a drink. Er, no.