Garden 1, Nail Polish 0

I’m not a girly girl. Not remotely. I own some makeup, but I couldn’t tell you where it is. My hair… we’re having a rough patch at the moment and I’m thinking of breaking up with it. Counseling might be in order before I decide to do something drastic and chop it all off.

I do like to paint my nails, though. Even in this respect, I’m barely girly – I have 2 shades of red, 2 shades of blue, a sparkly black, a deep burgundy color that looks like dried blood, a weird silvery-lavender, some kind of weird magenta with purple overtones that make my hands look like Tranny Hands, emerald green, and two shades of freakout pink that Jillian picked out. This is what my dad gets for objecting to purple nail polish when I was ten.

The nail polish I favor is the Sally Hansen X-treme Wear kind, since I do a lot of hard work with my hands and I like my nails to stay painted for longer than it takes for them to dry. However, nail polish is no match for gardening, it would seem. Which means the polish I put on my claws Friday afternoon is pretty much destroyed.

The garden looks good, though.

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