Fat lady progress

Still kicking. Had a dream last night that I was in a triathlon (so, more like a nightmare). Scary stuff. I am considering the idea, but only because there is a triathlon at Cedar Point, which would really be bringing my life full-circle. Not this year. Maaaaaaybe next year.

I’m not sure what it is that I lack. Motivation, certainly is one thing, but there’s something bigger that is keeping me from just getting it done. Maybe because the whole process seems so big and impossible.

I’ve been trying to make small changes, then. Small changes in the way I eat. Small changes in the way I move. Small changes eventually add up.

Freddie has been having trouble too, but I don’t know what to do to motivate him. I’ve tried any number of things with little success. Oh well – I suppose it’s his journey and he’ll have to navigate it, just as I need to navigate my own.

Will start swimming in a couple of weeks. Am going to get over myself and join a class and have someone try to kill me in the pool a few nights a week. At the same time, I hope to refine my stroke, build endurance, and all that jazz. Soon.

It’s not all bad, though. I’m not losing a lot in the way of poundage, but my clothes fit differently and that’s a start.

Also – Hanes has a style of undies that guarantee to be wedgie-free… AND THEY WORK. Love them. I’ve been plagued by underwear trying to crawl up my ass ALL MY LIFE and Hanes has finally fixed the problem. High-five. Or low-five, as the case may be.

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