It’s no secret that Jillian is totally my kid. She’s strange and loud and stubborn and loves office supplies and now, it appears that she is a list-maker.

The parents used to make us make lists for Xmas every year. We’d get out the BEST catalog and page through the toy section, marking down what toy we wanted along with which page it was on. Things got really detailed at our house, but hindsight shows me that it was my stoner parents’ way of making sure they got the right things.

This is the first year that we really have to deal with Jillian having opinions on things. She doesn’t watch a lot of TV with commercials, so there’s not too much “BUY ME THAT” going on, but she does have things that she sees in stores or wherever that she thinks she wants. My job is to figure out what to get her that she will actually spend some time playing with.

Last year was easy – she got crayons and art stuff and a box of computer paper. This year is going to be tricky. I’m looking at the beginning of her list and it says “Ponies” and “Dog.” Uh oh.

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