Checking in

A list!

1. After the frustrated post from the other day, I decided to throw caution and good sense to the wind and go to the gym.

1a. I was feeling chubby and murder-y, which are signs that I need to get to the gym immediately.

2. I haven’t showered in a few days, and the load of workout clothes got “washed” on the gentle cycle (which is to say, they got wet and swished around a tiny bit) so they’re still a bit smelly. And by “a bit smelly” I mean “goddamn, what the hell is that smell?”

3. Between the not-showering and the not-quite-clean workout gear, I started my day smelling pretty foul.

4. After my workout, whoa. I drove home with the windows wide open, despite it being rather chilly today. I may have to go Febreze the truck.

5. Yes, it was that bad.

6. At the gym, I got up on the elliptical and felt pretty good about things, overall. The left knee feels weird and loose and painful but I found that if I kept the machine on a lower ramp setting I wasn’t irritating the knee too much. I hope. I am hopeful that the lack of pain means that nothing worse is happening.

6a. I need to get more disciplined about weights. I have plenty of upper-body things I can do that won’t aggravate my knee, and since I’m basically a T.Rex when it comes to my skinny, weak arms, any work I can do in that direction will be beneficial.

7. I’ve been home for a good 10 minutes and I can still smell myself. Peee-yew.

8. After I pick Jillian up from school, I will shower and then bust out the ice for my recalcitrant knee. I hate you, left knee.

9. There is no number 9.

10. I am going to the doctor on January 16th. I hope I can get some answers and get pointed back in the healthy direction. I can handle a certain amount of pain, but there’s a big difference between “ugh, ow, I’d rather be on the sofa” and “OW FUCK WHAT HAPPENED THERE DON’T EVER MOVE LIKE THAT AGAIN SHIT.”

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