Okay, so!

Building momentum is really really REALLY hard. Especially if you’re me, and your default setting is “on the sofa, with a book.” Thank Elvis for the Kindle, seriously. If I didn’t have that thing, I’d never make it through the elliptical workouts, y’all. I like to get all jacked up with my technology, all Harrison Bergeron style: Kindle and iPod, and sometimes I’ll even put the TV on AND there are TVs on the wall above the cardio machines! So much distraction, I almost forget that I am working out. Good stuff.

Today, however, I will likely be working out at home since I have not one, but two group chats scheduled for my various writing projects. So, I probably COULD go to the gym after that, but I don’t know if the motivation will extend that far and I will have to do something else.

I would go for a slog outside, but it is COLD, friends. I’m glad I put on the thick workout pants today because they kept me toasty (except for the 3 inches of leg between where the pants end and the socks start. That was chilly) on the short walk to take The Jillian to school. I really should map that because I wonder just how far that is. Maybe an eighth of a mile?

Anyway, today might be a good day for core work. I should go peruse the bargain DVD bins at Best Buy or Walmart and see if there are any Pilates DVDs in there. I could take a class, but after a good 15 years of trying to feel comfortable with group fitness classes, I have accepted that those are Not For Me. I hate the classes. I prefer to look ridiculous on my own, thanks.

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