The Cat Is Mad At Me

The front of our house has five gigantic windows (one set of two and one set of three, which includes the Bird Suicide Picture Window). I tend to keep the blinds closed in the morning because the sun blasts through and heats up the house and that’s just uncomfortable for anyone. Plus, if I open the blinds, I usually have to put on pants.

The cat, who is on-record as being not completely “there,” enjoys sunning himself and spying on the neighbors from the windowsill. When the blinds are down, he will make his desire to jump up there known by… jumping up there. Blinds be damned! On occasion, I will open the blind for the middle window, it being the giant picture window (and the one that lets ME spy on the neighbors easily). This is the configuration for today.

However, Carl can’t seem to figure this out. He is currently sitting in front of one of the blinds-down windows, yowling. He will look over his shoulder from time to time and give me A Look, but he hasn’t yet developed the killer mind-bullets that we all know cats are trying to achieve. If he would just shift his hairy bulk two feet to the right, he would see that there is a perfectly useful windowsill for him to jump up to and fall off of. Stupid animal.

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