I have two weeks left on my Facebook time-out. I’m not sure what I plan to do when that is over. I will probably still use it, but I think I’m going to dump out of a lot of groups that I am in for no good reason and curate my feed a bit better. Or not. Chances are, I’ll dive right back into the shit and get to work on my next 30-day ban over something stupid.

Facebook can suck my balls.


We’ve been in our house for almost a month and we’re slowly getting ourselves settled. There was a big backup with painters being available because apparently everyone in the world is trying to undo their Covid-19 DIY projects by hiring pros. But we found some folks who are going to come slap paint on the walls and once that’s done, we’ll be closer to being truly home. I didn’t want to wait forever to unpack my books, so I painted my office myself. It’s a lovely purple color, called “Magical.” It looks like sidewalk chalk and I love it.

Furniture is going to be challenging. We were told there is a 6-8 month leadtime on custom furniture, which is a bummer because we want to design a sofa for the front room. The den is a little easier since that just has to be comfy and sturdy but the front room needs something a little more jazzy. If we’re lucky, we’ll get it by Xmas!

I’m looking for a sideboard situation for my dining room. I hate everything I have seen so far in my price range. I’m sure the perfect piece is out there somewhere but I’d really like it to cost less than six million dollars.

The gym is nice. I finally got my membership transferred over and I’m paying the same amount I was before but now all the extra small group training things are included instead of being a whole extra charge. The next challenge is to get What’s-His-Name back in it. I did a class called Barbell Strength yesterday and followed it up with yoga today and I am feeling it but it’s all to the good because someone, who may or may not be me, got fat from stress eating. Whoops!

I am getting very good at backing out of my driveway. I have only whacked the gate once. It helps that we share the driveway with our neighbors so it’s a bit wider than most but driving backwards is not my favorite and it’s about 3 times longer than my previous driveway.

This house does not have air conditioning! It hasn’t been an issue until just today because it was VERY COLD ALL MONTH, like wtf? Do we not have climate change happening up in here? Of course, we train-wrecked from winter into summer with spring lasting about 37 minutes last Friday afternoon. Welcome home to me, I guess.

Finally got some mail with my name and new address on it so I can go get my drivers’ license and library card! They’re all “oh bring in a utility bill!” Well yeah but we haven’t gotten that yet and my license expires on the 31st. I have been better about not waiting until the last minute for things so this isn’t my fault! That will be next week’s project, probably. Unless I decide to do it tomorrow.

Still haven’t found a grocery store I like. I know I have been spoiled by Wegmans over the years, but nothing here even comes close. It’s a bummer, but everyone’s like “oh try Heinen’s! They’re super-fancy!” Uhhhhh if you say so. It’s okay, I guess. I go there for some things and go to the “nice” Giant Eagle for other things. I suppose that will have to do.

The Chinese food here is awful. I know I am on-record as not liking Chinese food but even the other people in my family agreed. We’ve tried two places and they both sucked. What’s-His-Name accused me of deliberately picking bad places so we never order it again and that wasn’t my intention but if that is the result? Score!!

We also have not found pizza that we like. I need to make a trip down to my ancestral lands and get my hands on some Guido’s Pizza but there hasn’t been a good opportunity to do that because something always needs to be done around here. Soon, though. Soon.

Overall, we’re getting comfy here and we really like living here. We thought we would, but you can never be sure until you actually get there, you know?

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