Pregnancy as a cure for many things

Before I got pregnant, I was tense and high-strung. That’s not to say that I’m not still tense and high-strung, but if my pre-pregnancy personality was a 10 on the tense-o-meter, my post-pregnancy personality is more like a 4.

It helps that I have recently had a humungous weight lifted from my shoulders. Now that that source of tension is gone, things have changed significantly for me.

But even before that, I noticed that once I got pregnant, I mellowed out considerably. I got pregnant a lot easier and faster than I had expected, so I had to stop my Crazy Pills sort of instantly instead of tapering down like you’re supposed to. And then, I found I didn’t need them anymore. I was calmer and able to relax! Who knew?

Also, before I got pregnant, I had fierce PMS. PMS has always turned me into the worst version of myself and if you know me at all, well, take whatever your opinion is and double it. I was really horrible. On top of that, there was the bloating and the cramps and the chills and the zits and the other fun things that come with PMS.

Drugs never helped. Not any legal drugs, at any rate.

The only good thing about PMS was that I had some notice that my period was coming. After the onset of symptoms, I could pretty much pinpoint to the hour the onset of the fun. I could prepare, make sure I was home and near a bathroom or at least I would have supplies with me.

Now? Well, pregnancy does a lot of fun things to your body, not all of them beneficial. But I seem to have cured PMS! I’m as shocked as anybody. I woke up this morning and went about my normal day, then I went to go pee and… Oh. Hmmm.

This is only the second month that it’s been back since I got pregnant in November 2005, so maybe I’m jumping the gun with my “I’m CURED!” Maybe. But thinking back over the last week or so, there has been no indication AT ALL that this was coming. No bloating. No cramps. No evil mean lady. If anything, I have spent the last week being a much nicer version of myself, in a concerted effort to be a little less negative. So this morning’s surprise was truly that.

I just googled “PMS after pregnancy” and what I see is that PMS can sometimes start or get worse after having been pregnant. I’m sure it’s a reaction to the Hormone Rodeo, but I seem to be having the opposite effect here. Maybe my body has finally figured itself out.

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