Busy days

We are moving in about 12 days.

We have way way way way too much crap.

I love Freecycle, which is assisting me in getting rid of said crap.

I am tired.

I always feel like I have nothing to wear, but I have A LOT of clothes. Most of them are pre-pregnancy clothes, and they do not fit me at present. They should, and will, but at present I am under a lot of stress and the primary way I deal with stress is by eating.

I’m not out of control or anything, but getting into my smaller-than-right-now clothing is still a few months off. I’m all right with that, because MY GOD, at least I finally recognize that the stress and the eating go hand-in-hand.

Or hand-in-mouth, as the case may be.

Fall is slowly approaching. While I do not welcome the shorter days, it means Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer is back, and that can only be a good thing. I cannot wait to get into my shiny shiny shiny new kitchen and cook.

Freddie took all of the art off the walls in the living room. Oddly, the room looks a lot smaller without it. I thought it would look bigger, now that there are huge, uninterrupted expanses of wall, but no. Hm.

We own three saxophones. When Jillian is big enough, we’ll be a trio.

I am hungry, but am reluctant to buy a whole bunch of food that I will have to deal with while trying to get things packed up. I did a merciless fridge-cleaning today – to the point where I even pulled out the shelves and stuff.

This is a hallmark of my PMS, which, coupled with yesterday’s all-day fast, is not making me be very pleasant today. The cleaning helps, though.

All in all, it looks like we’ll be out of this house in record time. Considering we’ll be paying the movers by the hour, this is a great, great thing. I’m looking forward to actually unpacking all the boxes. All of them. Even the ones that were packed in 1996 and haven’t been unpacked since.


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