OMG Ignore what I just wrote!


[wheeze] Asthmatics who laugh too much will eventually pass out.

All better! Sometimes I forget!

This post will make no sense to ANYONE but that’s OK!

In a completely random tangent, I ironed fifteen shirts today. Yes, FIFTEEN. It takes me roughly ten minutes per shirt, so that’s one hundred fifty minutes of ironing. Me! Ironing!

I watched “Clueless” while ironing. I know the dialogue in that movie pretty much by heart. I thought briefly about putting in an actual GOOD movie, but that would have involved thought and effort, so Clueless won.

I hate ironing.

But that’s quite all right – I just noticed something that makes it allllllll okay.

I am a giant idiot.


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2 Responses to OMG Ignore what I just wrote!

  1. I tried watching Clueless on HBO Latino the other day. I don’t speak Spanish, I just wanted to know if “As If!” translated properly. I thought that phrase was used at least once every 5 minutes in the movie, but apparently it’s not. I lost interest before I found out the answer. Sad.

  2. rachel

    OMG! That’s awesome. I can read a little Spanish, but it goes too fast with the speaking for me to be able to understand it. Maybe I should take a movie I know by heart (say, Wayne’s World) and play it on Spanish and see how it goes.

    I like the IDEA of HBO Latino, but I wish maybe they showed actual movies made by actual Latino actors and directors instead of just dubbing the crappy Hollywood junk our country churns out.