See? See what I mean?

This Jools Holland show just gets awesomer and awesomer every time I watch it. New Order is on this episode and they’re playing “Transmission.” OMG.

That reminds me, has that movie about Joy Division come out yet? I don’t know anyone in New Jersey who would want to go see it with me. In fact, the only person on earth I know of who would be interested is Terri, and she’s in Ohio with a brand-new baby-person.

Maybe I should start getting Entertainment Weekly again. As craptacular as that rag sometimes is, at least it was a way to stay in the loop with movies and stuff. Nowadays, I don’t even realize a movie has come out until it shows up in Redbox. Hee.

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  1. did you see “24 Hour Party People”? it’s somewhat about Joy Division.