Making the connection

Whenever we go to playdates at one particular house, Jillian gets a hold of the Magna Doodle and only lets it go after a fierce struggle.

I never paid much attention to that until the other day when we were having Drawing Time (read: Eating The Crayons Time) and then the proverbial lightbulb went off over my head. Damn near singed my hair.

So today, when we were at Target for the eighth time this week because I am utterly incapable of making any kind of comprehensive list of stuff that I need, I decided to buy her one. Just the little travel size, so she can carry it around.

WHY didn’t I do this sooner? She has been happily doodling for the last hour instead of crashing into the pointy edges of the dining room table and/or asking me for snack. Or Jack.

This is the best toy ever. Today, anyway.

And really, anything that keeps her from messing with that godforsaken TMX Elmo is fine by me. I’ll gladly let her play with razor blades and a blowtorch if she keeps ignoring Elmo.

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  1. oh god elmo. That thing was annoying when my kids were little. I actually tucked it under something in the closet so they couldn’t play with it while I was trying to work.