If you can spare me some goodness

For reasons which I shall decline to enumerate here, the next week or so of my life is going to be a hard slog. I am going to need all of the intestinal fortitude I can muster (and then some). So, if you have an extra good thought or three to send my way, I could really use it.


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2 Responses to If you can spare me some goodness

  1. Oh no. I hope the next week passes quickly and with minimal difficulty.

    I’ll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

  2. audrey

    Rach…I do think of you often even if I don’t comment on your blog very often. I read it pretty much every day looking forward to your funny stories about The Jillian (who is of course adorable). I think I’ve followed your writing for about 4 years!

    It sucks how life sends us crap. Some people get more than their fair share. What I’ve told another internet friend is that in my ripe old age (50 sumpin), that I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever – good or bad. What ever is happening will hopefully end sooner rather than later. During which time you will have one crazy Canukiun cheering for you and willing positive thoughts your way.