The happiest girl in the world

My lovely blog-friend Summer just sent me an email telling me that James is finally releasing their new album (which I already have, thanks to Summer’s fabulousness and the magick of Teh Internets) in the states with a tour to follow. And they’re opening for Squeeze at Radio City! OMG!

Even better – they’re playing the Stone Pony the next night! For $20! The Stone Pony is roughly the size of my living room, and to see James there… I might die. I may have already died from sheer happiness at this news.

This past month has been so awful in so many ways. So to hear this, and have something to look forward to… well… it’s just the best thing ever. I am going to have an excellent day.

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  1. Wow, this has even warranted a blog post? You ARE excited. As you should be of course.