Now it’s just getting silly

We started the week with The Sneezing. A trip to the doctor’s office for a routine checkup did not seem to help, because then we started up with The Snots.

Then *I* got The Snots. And the coughing, which I’ve been doing anyway due to The Allergies.

Then…. the boys started coming down with it. First, Freddie started with The Scratchy Throat. Then Andy started with The Sneezing. Apparently, they both had a verrrrrry rough morning this morning, starting with forgotten IDs and forgetting to put the money in the parking space box thingy at the train station. Oops.

We got the ID thing fixed and the parking situation sorted out. This necessitated me leaving the house before breakfast (and coffee!) to put money in the parking box thingy. While we were out, we stopped off at one of the local drug stores to pick up Cold-Killing Weapons (i.e. DayQuil, cough drops, and Alka-Seltzer Plus) but the stupid place doesn’t open until 9AM. It was 8:30, so Jillian and I sneezled our way to the grocery store next door. Stupid drugstore! They missed out on a $20 sale! Ha!

We made it home and had breakfast and coffee, FINALLY. I had a shot of DayQuil, and it was horrible horrible HORRIBLE but made me feel lots better. Apparently you are supposed to take it every four hours and I believe it because it’s been three-ish hours as of right now and I feel crappy again. BLEH.

This getting a cold thing is for the birds. It sucks. I’m hoping that if we all spend the weekend being sick together, we’ll all get over it together and get on with our lives. [cough]

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