Special Skills

Jillian is just over two years old. A lot of the baby books and magazines that cross my eyespace say that this is the age where they start to want to do a lot of things for themselves, such as get dressed, put on shoes, etc.

I’m pretty sure my child will get to Harvard before she dresses herself because her preferred outfit is naked. She loves loves LOVES to be naked, so she hasn’t yet tried to dress herself at all. Undressing, we’ve got that down cold. But dressing? No.

Nor do we have any shoe skills. She seems to be indifferent to the shoes. When they’re on, that’s fine. When they’re off, that’s fine too – she doesn’t care enough either way to try to take them off or put them on.

So… is she lagging behind her age-groupers with regards to development? Sometimes I worry about this.

However, despite these brief flashes of wondering if Jillian measures up to the other kids, I know that in many far more important ways, she’s already far ahead of most of them.

How do I know this?

Jillian can beatbox.


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2 Responses to Special Skills

  1. Naked beatboxing, or just general, clothed beatboxing? Either way, I need video proof before I can believe such a spectacle!

  2. Mikie

    Don’t worry girl, 2 year-olds love to be naked.Trust me!