Not my strong suit.

Which makes me occasionally question this whole garden thing.


Also not my strong suit.

Which means I have planted 72 tomato seedlings.



That’s 12 each of 6 varieties of tomato.

I have no idea where I’m going to put them since last year’s garden was way over-crowded with just 16 plants, 3 of which were mercilessly ripped from the ground halfway through the season (meaning: before they reached 12 feet tall).


I am going to come up with some plans for raised beds, which will halve the amount of ground-hacking I need to do and will also solve the ‘this ain’t dirt, it’s clay’ issue that I have out back. Also the erosion issue that arose after last year’s no-plan garden.

Hope you all like homemade salsa because that’s what everyone is getting for Xmas this year.

August is going to be a fun one, no?

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