There is so much I don’t know

I’m getting ready to plan my assault on Mother Nature. I have such a huge list of things I want to grow (or try to grow, as the case may be) and I’m already fully aware that my ambitions far outstrip my actual skills.

The first thing that needs to be done is the garden expansion. There are probably better/easier ways to do it, but they require tools that I do not have. So it will be me, a rake, and a hoe out in the backyard for a couple of backbreaking days. It will be good for me, ultimately. Then I’ll have to rearrange the area along the back fence, because we had some pretty major erosion there due to my lack of planning last year. So that will need to be fixed somehow.

Then I have to decide what will go where, and when. I have no idea when to plant most things. I suppose I could get a book or find a website or something (I have quite a few sites bookmarked) but that would make sense! Why not re-invent the wheel? There is so much I don’t know. I don’t know when I should put lettuce in, and then what does it look like when it bolts? No idea. I know when to put in tomatoes and peppers, but what about broccoli? Can I put garlic in now or do I have to wait and put that in during the fall? No idea. Do I want to start asparagus from seed and wait at least three years before I can harvest? Or do I want to buy a set of crowns and put them in and hope to harvest next spring?

There is so much to do.


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  1. I am doing the same thing this year, putting in a big garden, starting everything from seed. Kind of daunting, I have my seedlings growing away…well sort of growing, some have stopped.

    Hint? Start your seeds in wet coffee filters in a plastic bag in a warm place (I put them under my laptop for a week) then plant the sprouts. Worked for me.

    Good luck!

  2. E

    That’s the beauty. A little green sprout popss up and you at first don’t know if it is a zuchinni, or an orange tree, or a weed. But you watch it, and water it, and become amazed.