Laaaaaaalalalalala (random AND boring to read! Lucky you!)

Spring is coming!

The dog has lately taken to peeing and pooping in the house again, after being 99% housetrained. I am not thrilled with this development, mainly because it forces me to choose between steam-cleaning the carpet that is GOING AWAY when we renovate, starting at the end of March or smelling dog pee ALL THE TIME. Guess which I chose?

I hate the smell of dog pee, but there you are.

Cannot WAIT for this reno to start. I’ve never purchased a toilet before – who knew there were so many options? Also, I know myself well enough that I should NOT watch Moulin Rouge while thinking about decorating ideas for my bedroom. There is a LOT of decoration in that movie, and my tastes are such that someone who spent their entire life in a Russian Orthodox church would take a look at my place and go “yeah… that’s crowded.”

I am still not a skier. The boots are definitely to blame, since I went a size up and my feet did the same damn thing with the numbness and hurty-ness. Next season I will attempt it ONE MORE TIME with men’s boots and if that doesn’t work then I will know that I am not meant to ski and I will then try to kill myself on a snowboard. The upside is that I did get to spend a lot of time in the bar, and I chatted up random strangers for fun.

There are plenty of other was I can kill myself athletically, one of which I will be attempting on Sunday. Oooh, mystery!

I don’t know if the garden is going to happen this year. I suppose that depends on when I have to move out of my house and where I end up. If I end up in Ohio with the parents for a few weeks, I will end up tending THEIR garden, which would be an exercise in futility, much like most things are with them. We’ll see.

Still listening to Editors pretty much exclusively. I got to see them twice in February, once in NYC and once in Philly, both times with friends, which was nice. They put on an AMAZING show and I am more than ready to drop my whole life and follow them around the world. However, I’m masquerading as a responsible adult these days and that is just not possible. Would if I could.

Speaking of live music, Phish is allegedly playing in Telluride this summer. From what I understand there are NOT going to be a lot of tickets available and if I get them, we’ll go but I’m not going to kill myself trying for tickets. We’ll see what Lollapalooza is up to as well as All Points West.

I make people angry on a regular basis. Sometimes even by accident.

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