A little digging

I haven’t been inspired to do anything with yarn for quite a while now. It’s sad, because I like to knit and crochet but my personality is such that I get bored easily. So I start a lot of projects that will never be finished. And yet, I can’t bring myself to unravel them, either.

I like to PLAN my knitting projects, though. That part is the best. Picking a pattern, finding the right colors… all that is fun to do. And then we get to buy yarn!! I was thinking I might be able to avoid that, since yarn costs money and I am trying to save money at the moment. So I started digging through the Upstairs Stash (not to be confused with the Downstairs Stash) to see what I could find.

Didn’t find any yarn that would be suitable for the project I have in mind, but I did find the following things which I thought had been lost forever:

1. The only cable needle I like
2. My pink and black plaid scarf (not that I need more scarves in my life, but I love this one)
3. My Harris Tweed yarn (I knew it was in there but I’d forgotten HOW MUCH of it I bought
4. The very very small DPNs that I keep losing and replacing (have about 4 sets of them now)
5. My fancy markers (which probably ended up in there because I was hiding them from Jillian)
6. 3 pens, 4 mechanical pencils, and an eraser
7. the 45″ tape measure (my other one is something like six miles long – not practical)
8. A compass. Not the type you draw with, the directional kind. Why it was in the knitting stash, I have no idea.

Also found yarn. Lots of yarn! Project ideas are a’flowin! I might even revisit some that are giving me fits (the Union Jack wristwarmers spring to mind).

The main problem with the Upstairs Stash is that it’s in bags and boxes and bags and bags and baskets and piles (unlike the Downstairs Stash, which is in a couple of large plastic bins). It needs to be organized, or at least put together in such a way that the dogs won’t eat it.

Obviously, the solution is to buy more yarn. Be right back!

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