The differences between the dogs

It’s snowing. A lot, actually, which means I am not going to be spending any significant time outside today.

This means that the dogs will go out into the backyard to do their business, instead of going walkies around the block. I’m fine with this.

There are differences in how the dogs approach this, however.

Piper: half German Shepherd, half Border Collie (approximately). Born and raised in NJ. Has ALL THE HAIR. Literally, three or four layers of hair. LoooooOOOOOOoooves the snow, and will happily run around in circles for hours.

Ellie: half Black Lab, half Pit Bull (we think). Born and mostly raised somewhere in the South (we think). Not a lot of hair on this dog. She only has a thin coat, and her belly is mostly bare. Hates the snow. Will go out, do her thing, and sprint back to the door in record time.

Piper will get bored in about an hour and start agitating for another trip outside. Ellie can and will wait until she is about to burst before she feels the need to go out again. Ellie wins this round.

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