On a high shelf

Jillian is getting more and more mobile by the day. I think she’s going to skip crawling and go straight to driving a car. Well, walking, anyway. The rolling thing she currently does seems to be working out well enough for her that she doesn’t feel like she needs to actually crawl anywhere.


She has started pulling up on things like furniture. We don’t have a coffee table – just two IKEA cube hassocks with ugly removable slipcovers and SHARP CORNERS! Oh, fun! These are Jillian’s new favorite things in the house, which means I spend a great deal of time trying to make sure she’s not killing herself.

She is also quite bored with all of her toys and is extremely interested in whatever I have in my hand. The TV remote, for example. Normally, I can keep this out of her drooly reach by putting it on the couch or the arm of the couch or even on one of the hassocks.

Not anymore. She got her sticky paws on the remote today and managed to hit ‘mute’ while I was watching The Breakfast Club. I tried, gently, to take the remote away from her and replace it with something more suitable and she pretty much lost her mind.

My mom will read this and laugh, because that is precisely what I have been known to do.

Jillian screeched like I had just killed her puppy, and would not calm down for almost twenty full minutes. I tried to substitute other toys; I even gave her my wallet, which is usually a big hit. Nothing doing. I eventually gave in and handed the remote back to her.

I can only see this getting worse as we graduate from babyhood to toddlerhood. She already reacts badly to “NO” and to being redirected when she’s doing something I would rather she not do, like lick the vertical blinds or grab my hair. Is it possible for the terrible twos to start at 10 months?

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  1. Oh dear. Oh My. Welcome to us older mother’s previous world. Enjoy trying to figure out who is the boss of who. Try to be the boss first because if she goes into her gawd awful 14 year old year believing she is the boss of you, you are sunk.