I only broke three laws!

Today is Mama’s Day Off. Jillian and Freddie are down at his mom’s house today, which means I get the day to do whatever the hell I want!

Which means I went to Giant Sporting Goods store to get Freddie a new pair of running shoes. They were on sale, which is nice because he goes through about five pairs a year. He’s easy – he wears whatever the newest version is of the Asics that he currently wears and he is always the same size. After waiting about sixteen years, the guy finally asked me what I needed. I said “Asics GT 2120 Men’s size 10.”

He said, “The women’s running shoes are over there.”

Deep breath, count to ten, it’s not his fault he’s an idiot… I said, “yes, thank you, but these are the ones I need.”
Him, all SNOTTY-like: “Are you sure?”

Dude was a little shorty so I sort of raised myself up on my tiptoes to be real scary-like and said “I need the Asics GT 2120 Mens’ size 10. If you can’t or won’t get them for me, can you find me someone who will?” Perfectly pleasant, of course. He started to stutter then trotted off to the back room to fetch my shoes.


Giant Sporting Goods store didn’t even carry the running shoes I wanted (but they had lots of others in pretty, pretty colors!), so I had to trek up to the Ultra-Local Sporting Goods place where they did, in fact, have the shoes I wanted.

Just to be sure, I had the guy check out my feet and my gait and recommend something before I told him what I wanted and as luck and my awesome research skills would have it, he recommended the exact shoe I had already decided on! I AM SO SMRT.

Extra-Bonus? Dem wuz half-price! They only had one pair left in my size or I would have bought a second pair. Oh well, that’s what Teh Internets is for.

After that adventure, I stopped at home for some lunch then headed out to the bookstore to read trashy magazines. I was about done with People when I looked up to see that it had gotten VERY dark VERY quickly.

Whoops. All the windows in my house were open.

I got in the truck and made a mad dash for home, passing on the right and even in the shoulder once or twice plus I ran two yellow lights trying to beat the rain home. I’m proud to say I made it wil about ten seconds to spare before the skies opened and watered my lovely plants WHICH I HAD ALREADY WATERED TODAY DAMMIT.


Now I’m waiting for my sushi order to arrive and contemplating ordering a movie (The Queen, maybe) and that’s my day.

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