Growing pains

My wee baby-person is in a bad way today. She spent yesterday and the day before chilly but sweaty, so like any normal person I did my best to keep her warm and cozy. That meant a lot of sitting around with the baby on my lap.

Today, she woke up with a bit of a fever and has been drooling non-stop. We went to nursery-rhymes at the library during which she chewed on my keys and ended up with a damp shirt. Afterwards, we went to Target and by the time we left there, her shirt was dripping. So yeah, lots of drool today.

This afternoon has been a non-stop marathon of rocking and the ABC song, which is the only thing that will bring Jillian down off the ledge. I sang it to her when she was but a week old and now it’s the go-to tune for calming a crazy baby. Let’s hope it pays off with excellent language skills down the road.

I’m doing the best I can – I give her things to chew on – which she throws. I give her a bottle – which she throws. I give her my own hands – she can’t throw them, but she can draw blood, I’ve found.

When she does let me poke around in her mouth, I can tell that her upper gums are swollen and lumpy so PLEASE OH PLEASE GOD let there be teeth soon so this agony will end. Right now she’s over in Babyland, on the floor, with both thumbs in her mouth, crying. There’s precious little else I can do. I plan to dose her up good with Tylenol before bedtime and possibly give her a bath to help her calm down. If there were any way to hurry the teeth up, I would do it!

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  1. Awwww, the poor thing. And poor you! I felt like rocking my one remaining stuffed toy when I read of The Jillian’s tooth issues.

    I used to put a damp face cloth in the freezer and then give it to mine. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they look at you as if you’ve lost it. Maybe try?