She’s trying to kill us

Here we are in Lake Placid! After a fairly uneventful drive up, we are happily ensconced in our motel, hoping Jillian will go to sleep sometime before September.

She hates the pack & play, normally. It manages to make her shriek and wail like she’s being tortured, so I was fully prepared for that tonight.

Not so. She is having a BLAST. How this is possible, given the last two days of not really sleeping or napping, I do not know. She is really just having the best time ever.

I’m thinking we should probably just give up hope that she’s going to fall asleep so we can turn the light on again and maybe read or something. It’s 9:30, so we might as well go to bed.

HOW IS SHE NOT EXHAUSTED? She hasn’t really had a full night’s sleep since Saturday night and NEITHER HAVE I, and I am really really tired. Which is not good, because we have a scary-busy weekend ahead of us.

But – did you know that for $55, I can ride in a bobsled? How awesome is that? Especially since I just watched Cool Runnings AGAIN the other day and now I want to be on the bobsled team! Ha ha, not really. I hate snow. I’d rather be in Jamaica.

Tomorrow we’re going to cruise the merch tents and maybe head over to the ski jumps for a look around and I’m going to try really really hard not to convince Freddie that I need to go in the bobsled.

Of course, if Jillian doesn’t go to sleep again, EVER, I’m going to figure out what makes her go and see if we can’t power the town with it.

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