So tired

So… tired…

I can’t believe my best pal Stimpy would turn on me like that!

Wait, what?

After a great deal of screaming and snots and one rather theatrical choking episode, Jillian is finally asleep. I’m sure the Tylenol I dosed her with is helping this. It was legit, though – she was a wee bit feverish and there is no room in our upcoming schedule for a sick baby! If I have to drug her to get her to sleep so that we can also sleep, then I shall. Too bad I don’t know where to get horse tranquilizers around here.

It rained all day. ALL DAY. And totally ruined my plans to maybe go to the bobsled track and ride. Tomorrow and Saturday are chock-full of triathlon goodness leading up to the race start on Sunday morning, so my chance for bobsled glory is gone.

It’s 9 o’clock – I wonder if the ice cream place is still open?


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2 Responses to So tired

  1. Just came by to say hi and glad to see that you miss TG&Y

  2. Bummer about the bobsled! But yeah, all praise tylenol. Or whatever you can get.