Don’t say mole!

I went to the dermatologist today to do a mole check. A long-overdue mole check, in fact.

Most of my spots look okay, but there was one that worried the doctor. I knew right away which one it was, since it worried me as well. It was a dark spot on my inner right thigh, which appeared during my pregnancy and never went away. It didn’t get any bigger or darker, but it was a whole lot darker than the rest of my moles, so the doctor decided to chop it out and biopsy it.


Now I have a lovely hole in my leg. She numbed the area and used a desiccator tool which left a beautiful, black-edged crater. EEEW! Fascinating! It will heal, of course, but it’s definitely ugly.

When a doctor utters the word “biopsy,” most people freak right out. Since she said she wasn’t too worried about it and the biopsy is just to be on the safe side, I’m fine with it, too. But still… a biopsy? Yikes. Perhaps I’ll do a pre-emptive leg amputation.

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