Lazy Blogger Photo Parade!

No, I am not climbing the coffee table, why do you ask?
No, I am NOT climbing the coffee table!

Say Cheese!

She’s got that crazy look in her eyes….
That Crazy Look In Her Eyes

Jillian and her buddy, Elmo.
Best Buddies!

Best. Face. Ever.
The Face

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  1. i think that last one is priceless.

    i went on a trip recently with my mom and she took a bunch of pictures. i just got them in the mail and i am not smiling in any of them, because when i “fake smile” i look like a fucking lunatic, and so i try to do a half smile, but the half never seems to show up on film. so now my mom has all these pictures of me looking like a bored bitch from our vacation because i didn’t want to look silly in the photos. i don’t know when i got this way – i think it was when i started performing/modeling and became hyperconscious of photographers. i wish i could just grin like jillian and not care.