None, so far. Training plan starts next week and the motivation just isn’t there. It’s a combination of the cold and my natural tendency toward slothfulness, I’m sure. But something has got to change. I have a bad feeling that something is going to be me getting up at 5AM to take the jackass dog out and then head down to the treadmill. Ugh.

However, I am consciously trying to NOT WHINE. On the surface, there is nothing at all to whine about. My family and I are reasonably healthy. We just spent a week in Sunny Florida, hitting the ocean by day and Phish by night. What’s not to love? We have a warm and somewhat comfortable house to live in, which is going to be expanded this year. We have a car that is in fine condition, and one month from now, we will own that truck. At which point it will probably up and die like the VW did in 2006, but WHATEVER. As of this writing, the truck is A-OK. So, not much to whine about. I have everything a normal person could want, and I am trying VERY hard to be grateful and appreciative of these things. It’s going pretty well.

The only obstacle to this is OTHER PEOPLE. I am so fucking sick of people whining and bitching and moaning about how bad their lives are. Okay, sure – some folks have been dealt a shitty hand and whatnot, but it’s the people who are in more or less the same boat as me. What the fuck are they complaining about? Yes, I know I’m complaining about the complainers. It’s my ‘thing.’ Lemme have it.

And even that isn’t a big deal. I just hum and smile and get on with it.

So what’s the deal? I think this weather is fucking me up. Before we left for Florida, I was starting to feel a leeeetle bit unbalanced, like I felt in 2004 when I lost my mind good and proper. Back then, losing my mind wasn’t a big deal because I only really had to worry about myself but now? Not a good thing, you see. I have the kid and the dog relying on me to clean up their various puddles of pee, so I have to be in my more or less right mind to do so.

That trip to Florida was great. Sun! Sand! Water! PHISH! It was exactly what I needed to get me out of that fog and into a good headspace. Of course, we’ve been back for almost a week and with the cold and ick, I’m seeing the fog attempt to return. Gotta do something about that.

Which brings me back to exercise. Tomorrow morning I’ll attempt the early treadmill session and see what happens.

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