Yeah, so…

I dunno, y’all. Well, the both of you who still read this thing. Between Facebook and Twitter and a couple of other things I do on the internet, I run out of words by the time I think “hmmmm. Blog.”

Things are good. Life is relatively drama-free and happy, which of course means I have nothing really to write about. Jillian started preschool last month and loves it so much that I can threaten to keep her home from school AS A PUNISHMENT. That’s possibly the most awesome parenting perk I have come across so far.

She loves school. LOVES IT. So much so that she runs into the place in the morning and cries when I come to pick her up. Totally the opposite of most of the other kids.

She got glasses. LOVES THE GLASSES. I understand that completely, having been the one kid who was pissed about having straight teeth and thus no need for braces. I wanted braces SO BADLY. You know, because I wasn’t nerdy ENOUGH, what with the bizarre hair and lack of fashion sense and 4.0 GPA and band. Braces would have rounded that picture out nicely.

The house is 99% done. That went surprisingly well, all things considered. It’s so nice to have a giant bedroom and space to move around in the bathroom and all that jazz. We finally got blinds on the windows, a full three months after we ordered them. Huge improvement. We ditched our cable and got FiOS. Mostly because I have hated the cable since we moved here three years ago and also because we had a bit of a windy day which blew the cable off the house and it took them FOUR DAYS to come fix it. Not acceptable. So now we are happy FiOS customers, and we get MORE CHANNELS for LESS MONEY. Why we let Cablevision screw us for three years, I will never know. I get BBCAmerica again, which was pretty much my goal in life.

I still knit. Actually, at the moment I am working on a blanket that has 243953445346 different colors and thus 23423523451 million ends to weave in. It’s one of those things that seemed like a good idea from the picture, then I started it and got about 75% of the way through it before I realized what sort of hell it was going to be. Oh well. It will be done eventually and then I can start and not finish a bunch of other things!

I’m still going to the gym. A lot. A very lot. It’s… well… it’s fucking frustrating, is what it is. I get on the elliptical and get all horrible and sweaty and gross for an hour almost every day and the scale isn’t really budging all that much. It sucks. I have noticed that my face is a bit thinner and my ass is changing shape a little bit, but dammit – I want that scale to reflect my hard work, too. I know I need to add weights more than once a week and I should probably radically overhaul my [not bad, actually] eating, but I would think that the work I’m putting it would show up a little more readily. Still, I keep at it. I have gently started running again, after issues with shinsplints and stress fractures, and that seems to be going okay. I think I’m going to start racing, which should be fun. Ideally, I’d like to do a marathon in 2012, preferably Paris. Big dreams.

Aside from those things, I don’t have much else to report. I need to find the focus to sit and write, since I have a lot of ideas but I can’t seem to make them do anything. It’s probably some kind of ADHD, which is exacerbated by my internetting, but whaddaya gonna do?

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