Giving Thanks – Day 1

November brings us Thanksgiving, which is a time to look around and give thanks for what we have. It’s also a time to be pissed off about white people coming here to the New World and killing a bunch of natives with smallpox and syphilis and shit, but that’s a rant for another time.

For Day 1, I am giving thanks for What’s-His-Name, that guy who knew exactly what I was capable of and married me anyway. When I went crazy and dropped out of my life, he is one of the only people who reached out and kept the lines of communication open. When I re-entered my life a year later, he was literally the first person I saw, and we went to lunch. When the world tilted and the REALLY crazy shit started happening, he stuck by me, despite everyone (myself included) telling him to run fast and far away from me. He stayed.

There has been a bit of heavy weather from time to time, but we’ve managed to come through it all together. He’s simply the best person I know, and it amazes me every single day that he loves me and puts up with my shit. I love him more than anything else in the whole world and I am far more grateful to him than he will ever know.

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