It’s bad when PMS and Halloween coincide. The normal urge to EAT ALL THE THINGS can sometimes be diverted toward fruit or smoothies or something that is at least organic, but with the giant bag of Jillian’s Halloween candy sitting right there, well, that’s some kind of spiritual test, right there.

So far I have been able to restrain myself, but it’s only been about 18 hours since the candy arrived, so I’m not going to throw myself a parade just yet.

I did do some pre-emptive work at the gym so I will be justified in eating a few pieces of candy later. JUST A FEW.

The gym was fine – I got on the elliptical and did my half-hour and the knee feels just “okay” and not great. I’m still hyperextending it a bit which is worrisome, but I think more weight lifting will fix that up in time. I hope so, anyway.

After having spent the last two weeks moderately sick, I think I’m on the mend for real this time. Last week, my highest heart rate was pushing 170 at times which is REALLY high even when I’m pushing really hard. Today it was more like 150, which is more normal and less alarming. I was sweating buckets, though. That is unusual but I think I’m just working through some stuff, plus beer happened over the weekend which always causes the sweats for a day or two after. AND PMS hormone bullshit makes me sweatier than normal. So I’m feeling pretty good, but also pretty fucking gross.

Sexy, right?

In other news, the new class session is starting up soon and I will be signing up for the swimming whatsit. There’s a Masters Swim but I don’t think that’s going to be the one for me. I swim fairly well but I am horribly inefficient and I think the actual swim class thingy will be the thing.

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