Giving Thanks – Day 4

Look, it’s not going to be 30 days of meaningful, goopy posts, all right? Sometimes I feel deep and abiding gratitude for some extremely mundane things.

Today we give thanks for beer. Yes, beer. I drink it, I cook with it, I even produce it. The famous quote by Benjamin Franklin holds true: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Some people pay attention to the clothes you wear and judge you accordingly. Or the music you listen to (I fully admit to doing this because if you’re listening to country, we are probably not going to be BFFs). Or the restaurants you love (ditto – if your favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, we have to have a talk).

Me, I will judge you swiftly and well based on the kind of beer you choose at the bar. The upside is that, unlike someone’s musical preferences, most people’s beer preferences can be adjusted a bit. If we’re at a bar that has at least two decent beers on tap and you choose Bud Light? We’re going to have a talk about that and I will do my very best to shame you into at least trying something new.

There are so many different styles and types of beer out there, nobody should be subjecting themselves to that horrid fizzy yellow piss water that passes for beer in so many places. Find something new! Choose it based on the label alone! Do some research, find out what you like and DRINK GOOD BEER.

Otherwise, I’m going to get all snobby and snarky on you and we won’t be friends.

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