My To-Do List

So ever since getting the blog fixed, I am really happy with the amount of writing I’m doing. I don’t even care if I have an audience, but if you’re here, reading this (and not via Facebook), well hello there! I am going to subject you to my Weekend To-Do List! It’s my blog, after all, and like George Carlin once said “they’re my rules, I make ’em up.”

1. Find a microfiber cloth or something to wipe down the kitchen cabinet fronts. I don’t know if it’s the new Pledge dusting shit I bought or WHAT the fuck the cleaning ladies did, but they look weird and shiny and greasy as if they need to be buffed out. I think it’s the weird new Pledge that I bought, though, because the bacon grease does not seem to be disturbed at all.

2. Laundry. Oh, laundry. I hate you. A woman on one of my internet hangouts posted a thing about “mommy pr0n” (and if you don’t know why I put it that way, welcome to 1995) and it was a photo of a hot dude with a baby in a sling. Meh, fuck that noise. You want to get my chili cooking? Show me a hot dude FOLDING LAUNDRY. Ohhhh yeah, baby. You REALLY want to get me revved up? Show me a hot dude folding FITTED SHEETS. Damn, girl.

3. Transferring the beer! The beer needs to go from primary to secondary fermentation, even though this is really just a formality. We could put in the keg straightaway, but that would require emptying the beer fridge and I’m not scheduled to have a party or anything at the moment. So the Stonehenge Ale will go into 2nd until such time as I feel like kegging it. Then I will have to clean the carboy, which is NOT MY FAVORITE. For whatever reason, the angled carboy brush just does NOT get the job done as efficiently as I’d like but I have yet to see a successful workaround.

4. Got a birthday party tomorrow, those are always a good excuse to drink heavily fun. Our friends’ kid is turning 3, which baffles me because I always think he’s way older than that. Still, we haven’t seen that part of the gang for a while, and it will be nice to hang out and watch the kids lose their minds.

5. Brewing again on Sunday! We’re going to have to slow down the brew schedule or have more parties because we’re going to be all backed up with our beer. However, the holidays are coming and rather than give shitty meaningless gifts or bake cookies or something, we give out six-packs. Something for the whole family, you see.

6. I have to call the Nissan dealership and harass them about the parts for my truck. My poor truck needs shocks and struts and some other shit and they said 3-5 business days. Well today is the 5th business day WHERE ARE MY PARTS and let’s get them in so my truck stops trying to compress my spine with the bouncing and uncomfortableness.

7. Gotta change my nail polish. It’s truly the only girly thing I do to the body (hair dye doesn’t count because that’s art). I am currently rocking gold nails but they’re starting to look a bit scrubbly so it’s time to change it up. I just need a good hour of people leaving me the fuck alone so I can let them dry and set properly. I thought about going to the nail place but last time they talked me into the gel manicure and FUCK THAT because it doesn’t come off unless they take it off with their Hello Cancer chemicals and fancy doodads, so I let the last one “peel” off on its own schedule and that was like 6 months ago and my nails have only JUST recovered. So… no. Toes, maybe, because I could use a pedicure, but then again it’s nearly winter and nobody’s going to see the feet until May anyway.

8. My tattoo. I want to get it done sooner rather than later because I know I will have to stay out of the pool for a good three weeks or a month after it’s on. And I neeeeeeed to start swimming SOOOON, so if I get it done in the next week or so, I will be cutting it VERY fine on the swimming. I could push the swimming back, but… hm. I have amazing middle class problems and I am VERY thankful for that.

9. The dog is sitting under my feet, chewing her nails, so apparently it’s time to send her to the groomer. It’s been… awhile. She’s fairly stinky but it’s a dog smell, not a “holy shit, what the fuck did you roll in” smell, so that’s fine, but she chews her nails when they’re too long. I’ve never had a dog who did this, so I really doubt that’s a normal thing.

10. I wanted to round this out with a nice #10 but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Happy Friday!

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