A week gone by

So, as of right about NOW, I’ve had these new hearing aids for a week.


Being able to hear is nice, but this adjustment period has been less nice. The technology is so different from what I had before that I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I’m not really aware of them being in my head.

The brain is starting to filter out things, though. That’s good. That is VERY VERY GOOD. The wind-tunnel feeling is going away because the brain is learning that it can ignore the ceiling fans and the air-conditioning. That’s helping keep the panic at bay.

I’ve been *thisclose* to a panic attack for pretty much the whole of the past week. It takes quite a bit of mental energy to keep a lid on it, and I think I’m doing all right with that, but it’s exhausting. It’s because I can’t get away from ALL THE SOUNDS. I can’t adjust the volume, and I absolutely HAVE TO wear the hearing aids all day or I will NEVER adjust. It’s so hard, though.

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