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Well, duh.

I’ve found that most people simply don’t pay attention.

Take today, for example. I opened up my email to see a message from the HR department at a company I used to work for, wondering if I’d be interested in a position there.

My first thought? “Absolutely.” My second thought? “Hey, wait. This company FIRED me. Is it possible that I could be re-hired?”

So, instead of ignoring the email, I responded, telling the nice lady that I was indeed “interested in the position, but oopsie, I’d been terminated from that company two years previously. Is that a problem?”

“It depends,” she responded.

So I told her what department I had worked for and why I was terminated. All the while I was thinking, “shouldn’t she KNOW this already? Wouldn’t she have at least glanced at my resume and noticed I’d worked there, then checked the personnel files to see what the deal was?” I know I would, just to save everyone involved a whole bunch of time. Is she simply not paying attention?

Turns out, I am not eligible for re-hire by this company. Well, duh.


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Company policy

I don’t obsess over my stats anymore. There’s no reason to. I simply check them out to see where people are coming from.

I have noticed that someone from one of my former employers has been checking out my site and I have to say this in my MOST SARCASTIC VOICE: “Gee, I hope you don’t get fired for using the Internet for non-business-related things, since I haven’t [yet] written a book!”

Especially if your initials are L.V. I really dislike you. You were a terrible manager.

But if your name happens to be Walter, then HELLO! Stop by anytime!

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…and never mind



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Offer it up

A very excellent potential opportunity has come to my attention, so if you pray or offer good thoughts to the universe in some other way, can you spare a few for me today?

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Protected: Let the games begin

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