My daughter is not what you would call affectionate. She doesn’t hug, and certainly isn’t a kissy person.

We’ve been working on her a little bit, with a small amount of success. If we say “Jillian, kiss the bear!” She’ll smooch him, complete with an “ummmmwah!” sound. It’s the cutest. Once she figured it out, she started smooching everything – stuffed animals, books, her shoes, whatever is at hand.

But she won’t kiss either of us. I can understand her not wanting to kiss Freddie – by the end of the day his face is all scratchy and who wants to smooch that? But me? She won’t smooch ME?

I’m okay with this. If she’s not a big fan of PDA, then she’s not. However, it would be nice, every once in a while, to get a hug or a kiss that isn’t also accompanied by a trachea punch, you know?

On Mother’s Day, Freddie woke up with Jillian and got her dressed for the day. She boogied into our room to wake me up, all “HEWWWO!” Freddie hoisted her up onto the bed and she crawled up to me and… gave me a smooch.

Completely unsolicited!

It was the best Mother’s Day gift anyone ever got, and is the major reason why I allow her to eat her weight in Teddy Grahams every day.

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  1. That is a truly beautiful MD present. I don’t have a kissy baby either. Mostly if he decides to give you some love he simply presents his face to you, so that YOU can do the kissing. This is made worse when he practically falls over himself to kiss my parents’ dog. But tonight he snuggled into my face and kissed me and I think he also said kiss kiss….it was very lovely. Although at this point I treat it like a comet sighting and don’t assume there will be another for a while.

    Read your post below and glad that things are good for you. I get paranoid and worried about blogging sometimes but in the big scheme of things, you have to live.